Y Flyer

The Y Flyer is best known as a family boat. Perfect for husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and best friends - we’ve got them all.


The Y-Flyer is an 18’ fun machine. It’s an easy-to-manage day sailor or a fast tactical racing boat. Y-Flyers sail all over the U.S. and Canada, but primarily in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the US.


At the Chippewa Yacht Club, by many considered the "motherland of the Y-Flyer", we have a fleet of 11 boats that race in four series throughout the summer. We hold a Y-Flyer Midsummer Regatta that attracts many Y-Flyer sailors from all over the USA.


There is a wide range of skill levels in the fleet which means you will find a place to fit in if you have never been on a boat before or if you are looking to be the new fleet champion. We race every Sunday afternoon from Memorial Day weekend through October, come on down and join us. There is always a boat to go on.


For more information on the Y Flyer, go to the Y Flyer website, or you can contact our fleet captain Ivan Baker via email ivanbaker26@hotmail.com.


In 2006 the Snipe celebrated 75 years of being one of the top, one-design, international, racing sailboats. The Snipe has consistently been one of the top two person sailboat racing dinghies in the USA and throughout the World. The Snipe is a 15 1/2', 2 person, one design racing dinghy.


Designed in 1931 by William Crosby as a smaller, easily trailerable sailboat which can be rigged and launched in a minimum of time, the Snipe has evolved into a modern tactical dingy which is enjoyed by a broad spectrum of recreational racing sailors, ranging from the entry level novice sailor to the Olympic champion. Across this spectrum of experience is one constant, enjoyable family recreation together for a lifetime.


The Snipe and the Snipe Class has always been there to offer Serious Sailing, Serious Fun®.  


The Chippewa Snipe Fleet #621 has a fleet of 6 Snipes that race each Sunday and Holiday through the summer.  Skill levels range from novice to “fairly good.”  There is always someone to take you out in a boat for a thrilling ride.


For more information on the Snipe contact the Snipe US website (above) or our fleet captain Bill Bees via email at wjbees@gmail.com.


Chippewa Yacht Club
5878 Longacre Lane

Chippewa Lake, OH 44215

41* 04’ 01.1” North
81* 54’ 04.7” West

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