Our History

CYC was founded with the support of Parker Beach (owner of the Chippewa Lake Park) on December 17, 1939 “to promote sail boating and good fellowship and to take advantage of opportunities that Chippewa Lake offers to everyone interested in this form of recreation.”

The first Constitution was adopted on January 21, 1940. CYC was incorporated on November 1, 1941 as a non-profit organization. The first clubhouse was built in 1942-1943 using funds pledged by members and using their sweat equity. The kitchen area and locker rooms were added to the clubhouse in 1956. The concrete abutment for the dock was added in 1959. The dock bridge was added in 1998.


CYC has two chartered fleets: Snipes Fleet #621 and Y-Flyer Fleet # 4. The Y-Flyer fleet dates on the lake from the 1940’s and the Snipe fleet from the 1950’s. The very first Y-Flyers were made in the basement of the Chippewa Lake Park ballroom in either 1939 or 1940.


Other sailboats are welcomed. The Club Constitution prohibits members from using motorboats at the club. The Club operates a pontoon boat for racing and safety purposes. CYC has sponsored regattas throughout its history starting in 1944. The Y-Flyer Mid-Summer Madness regatta has been held for over 20 years in mid-July and has earned a reputation for a fun weekend with lots of sailing.


Membership is open to all who have a love of sailing and is granted by a majority of the voting members. Annual dues are required of all members. Sweat-equity continues to be an integral part of the Club. Social events have been and continue to be an important part of Club activities.


The ownership of Chippewa Lake Park and the lake changed hands in 1968. Until that time the CYC lease agreement was with Chippewa Lake Park. Parker Beach owner of Chippewa Lake Park and lake viewed the Club as an asset and was most supportive of CYC from its inception. Since 1971 efforts have been ongoing to find a permanent home on the lake.


The Medina County Park District purchased the lake in 2007 and have been very supportive of the Club. The clubhouse grounds are continuing to be leased from the current owner of the land.


For over 80 years, CYC has continued to be an asset to the lake and the Medina County community.  CYC’s hope is that they will be able to find a permanent home on the lake and continue their existence and service to the community.

Chippewa Yacht Club
5878 Longacre Lane

Chippewa Lake, OH 44215

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