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2016 Banquet and 2017 Officers and Trustees

On November 12, CYC celebrated the 2016 season with the annual banquet.

At 6.30 everybody did catch up during the social hour followed by the welcome words and invocation by Steve Spoonamore. Beyond the great atmosphere, the Oaks Lakeside restaurant served us with some wonderful food (Salmon or Steak).

After the presentation of our awards the the new 2017 Officers were presented. We thank Brian Harris for his services and welcome Stephen Spoonamore as our new Commodore, Marc Creemers as Vice Commododre and Owen Blakslee as our new rear Commodore. As new incoming trustees we welcome Brian Harris, Cece Bees, Rosie Collier, Dennis Mizerak and Bob Williams. We thank John Troche, Dan Horwath, Owen Blakslee and Sheila Denison for their service as trustees.

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