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2017 Y-Flyer Midsummer Madness Cancelled

It's with regrets to inform all Y-Flyer enthusiasts that CYC is not able to host the annual Midsummers Y-Flyer event this year and therefor the event is cancelled. As discussed during our 4th of July member's meeting, as you would imagine, these types of events do take a considerable amount of efforts and time from our members/volunteers at the club. With our member count down and many members on vacation we just couldn't pull it together this year.

Y-Flyers that are passing through Ohio in route to other events are still invited to come out to our club and spend the weekend with us. You are free to use our grounds and facilities but (as said) there will not be any scheduled races. As the "motherland of Y-Flyers" we truly hope that we will be able to put on this event back on the calendar in 2018!

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